How to Choose the Perfect Watercolour Prints for Your Home

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Have you ever gone to an art gallery feeling excited and ready to make your perfect purchase, only to end up a bit overwhelmed? Relax, this is a common experience.

There is just so much amazing art to choose from that makes it hard to pick only one! From watercolour prints to oil paintings and elaborate sketches, the world of art is full of beautiful creations.

But, only a handful are the right ones to decorate your space with.

Here is your ultimate guide to finding the best watercolour prints to take home.

Only Buy What You LOVE

The best way to go about shopping for art is to think of it like you would about clothing - you always love it more in the store. If you have to convince yourself to buy something even just a little bit, it's not the right choice.

If you find that many watercolour prints catch your eye, keep browsing for a little while and come back to your favorites. You may end up liking some a bit more or even less when you look at it again.

This is the first step to narrowing down your choices among the prints you love most. From there, consider what you cannot leave a gallery or art website without purchasing.

What do you need right this second? Which print do you already have a place picked out for in your mind?

That is the one to go home with.

Ask About Custom Options

Maybe you're trying to talk yourself out of the print you love most because it does not fit your needs.

It might be too big or too small for the space you have in mind. Or, you might be trying to imagine if it would look better in another color.

Don't be afraid to ask for these things!

Artists will often be willing to create a custom print that is just right. This is especially true if it is something as easy as taking an existing piece and re-creating it in a different size or color.

They've basically done the main work already and will be happy to do it again. Not to mention, customizing watercolour prints allows you to be a part of the creative process. How cool is that?

Choose Contrasts Over Complements

As you're sorting through different options and considering custom choices, take a moment to consider your interior design approach. Picture the room in which you want your new art to hang.

If the print is too similar to the rest of your decor items, you may have a problem. This risks creating a space that feels bland because everything blends together almost too well.

To avoid this, don't be afraid to mix things up a bit.

Look for watercolour prints whose colors will create a dynamic contrast against your walls and furniture. Play with textures and different sizes, too.

For example, instead of one large print, consider buying a few different pieces and hanging them in an interesting manner. Or, go all-out on the one watercolour print you love the most and blow it up as big as your space allows.

Explore Different Mediums and Price Points

Another thing to consider while shopping for art is that it doesn't always have to be fine art. In fact, some of the best things that end up in your home are found in thrift stores or street sales.

When it comes to art and interior design, the quantity you pay is not the only definition of quality. Some pieces will have special memories. Others will be made by one of a kind talent that you come across for at a great rate.

Keep this in mind no matter where you go to make your next art purchase.

More so, try to mix the old with the new and the cheap with the expensive when you get home. This adds character to each room and puts a personal stamp on your interior design still.

The combination is unique, charming, and, when well-designed, show-stopping.

Over time, you end up with a home art collection that many will love and some will even be a little jealous of.

This kind of style isn't something you can buy. It is the result of training your interior design eye to recognize a beautiful piece when it sees it, no matter the price point or the reputation a certain artist has.

Invest in the Supporting Details

Whether you are buying a $5 print from a street market or a $50,000 piece from an auction, don't forget about the supporting details. These details include the frame you put something in, how you hang it, and any finishes or protective covers you apply.

It might sound silly, but this extra effort makes a big difference.

The right frame for a piece of art can take your favorite watercolour prints and make them even more memorable. Not to mention, protective coats will ensure everything looks as good as new for years to come.

Other supporting details may be accent pieces to go with the prints you buy.

Remember to remain cautious of over-matching your design approach. But, there is no reason a bold, colorful painting can't be enhanced by bright flower pots or an eclectic blanket. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

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